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Become a Partner

Upon completing the CREATE-MIA program, trainees will have acquired

  • familiarity with a broad range of topics relevant to medical image analysis
  • a variety of professional and technical skills, and
  • experience working in industry

and will be a valuable asset in any industry or research lab they work in.

Members of the medical image analysis community can support this training initiative by becoming Industrial Partners and Collaborators, Academic Collaborators, or by simply being interested in staying current with leading edge research in medical image analysis and attending the CREATE-MIA seminars.

Industrial Partership

Becoming an Industrial Partner with the CREATE-MIA program has clear benefits for a company:

  • It provides scientists and engineers at the partner companies the opportunity to participate directly in academic research, greatly speeding up the dissemination of knowledge and the transfer of the resulting technologies.
  • It ensures a supply of fully-trained HQPs with both research and industry experience to the medical imaging industry.

If you are part of a company which is doing research or development in medical image analysis and would like to become one of the companies providing CREATE-MIA trainees with internship opportunities, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Academic Partnership

Becoming an academic collaborator for trainees in CREATE-MIA:

  • Brings new opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaboration, which in turn can lead to new innovations in other areas of medical imaging and biotechnology.

Please contact the CREATE-MIA Program Administrator with any questions.