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Building atlases of Heart Wall Fibers

Prof. Kaleem Siddiqi, School of Computer Science and the Centre for Intelligent Machines, McGill University

Building atlases of Heart Wall Fibers

  • CREATE-MIA Event
  • Seminar
When Sep 13, 2013
from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM
Where McConnell Engineering MC103
Attendees All CREATE-MIA Trainees.
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Studies of cardiac fiber variability within a species tend to focus on first-order measures such as local fiber orientation. Recent work has shown that myofibers bundle locally into a particular type of minimal surface, the generalized helicoid model (GHM), which is described by three biologically meaningful curvature parameters. In order to allow comparisons between species, a typical strategy is to divide the parameters of the generalized helicoid by heart wall diameter. This normalization does not compensate for variability in myocardial shape between subjects and makes the interpretation of results difficult. We propose to use several myocardial atlases, obtained using diffeomorphic groupwise Log-demons, to register all hearts to a common reference shape to perform the normalization. In this common space, the GHM is estimated for all hearts and compared using an improved fitting method. Our results demonstrate improved consistency between GHM curvatures within a species and support a direct relation between myocardial shape and fiber curvature in the heart.

Joint work with Emmanuel Piuze, Hervé Lombaert, Jon Sporring, A. J. Bakermans and Gustav Strijkers.

Related publications

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Note: MC103 is located in the McConnell Engineering building.  Click here for a map.

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